Terms and Conditions for Corporate FEVO Prepaid MasterCard


  1. Corporate FEVO Prepaid Mastercard cards (collectively, the “Corporate Cards”, and individually a “Corporate Card”) are issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd (“EZ-Link”), who is licensed by Mastercard to issue Mastercard cards. Corporate Cards may be used to make payment at all merchants or retail points where Mastercard transactions can be made, subject to these terms and conditions. 
  2. These terms and conditions (“Terms”), and any other applicable terms and conditions herein specified, shall apply to all Corporate Cards (save as otherwise notified by us to you), and set out the rights and obligations of a registered holder of any Corporate Card and us in relation to such Corporate Card.
  3. The FEVO Mastercard Electronic Cards issued by us are not Corporate Cards and their usage is subject to a different set of terms and conditions, which may be found at http://www.fevocard.com.sg/terms-and-conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, the terms and conditions of the FEVO Mastercard Electronic Card shall not apply to Corporate Cards.
  4. You agree to be bound by these Terms whenever you apply to acquire (or have acquired for you), load, re-load or use a Corporate Card. In these Terms
    • “You” means the person who purchased the Card, or the person for whose benefit or uses the Card has been purchased. “Your” has a corresponding meaning;
    • “We” means EZ-Link and any of its successors and assignees and “our” and “us” have corresponding meanings; and
    • “Corporate Card” shall include Corporate FEVO Prepaid Mastercard whether in card or non-card form factors.
    • The Corporate Card may also be subjected to additional terms and conditions that are included in your Corporate Card’s card carrier or relevant product brochure.

  5. We do not sell or accept applications for Corporate Cards directly. Corporate Cards are sold or otherwise distributed by EZL to corporate organizations (“Corporate Card Providers”) who may then distribute these cards whether by way of resale or gift. Corporate Card Providers are not our agents and do not have any authority to enter into any contract with any person (including you) on our behalf. Your Corporate Card shall only be issued by us upon the successful completion of all registration requirements as we may require. Such registration requirements may include your providing sufficient identification particulars or such other information or documents to us through the Corporate Card Providers in order for us to establish or verify your identity. Upon the successful completion of such registration requirements, you shall be registered as the holder of your Corporate Card and your Corporate Card shall be distributed and issued to you through your Corporate Card Provider. Please note that we shall not be obliged to accept your registration and may in our discretion reject any registration application without providing any reason.
  6. You shall sign the Corporate Card on the signature panel on the back of the Corporate Card immediately upon receipt, and safeguard the Corporate Card.
  7. When using the Corporate Card to make payment to such merchants or retail points as described in clause 1 above, you may be required by such merchant or retail point to sign a sales slip to verify your identity.
  8. Your Corporate Card shall be valid for the period (“Validity Period”) stated on the Corporate Card and shall expire on the first day after the Validity Period. You agree and understand that the Validity Period may not be extended. 
  9. The maximum stored value on the Mastercard purse on the Corporate Card and the means by which it may be reloaded shall be determined on a case-by-case basis for each Corporate Card and shall be notified by us to you separately in writing, whether through the relevant product’s FEVO brochure or FEVO card carrier. You shall be deemed to have acknowledged such notification upon receipt. The limit on the stored value on the Mastercard purse on your Corporate Card shall minimally be S$3,000.00. Your Corporate Card may have been designated as a Corporate Card which cannot be reloaded through public top-up channels, in which case your Corporate Card can only be reloaded through instructions given by your Corporate Card Provider.
  10. Your Corporate Card may also contain an EZ-Link CEPAS purse. Such EZ-Link CEPAS purse is a separate and distinct stored value facility from the Mastercard purse and is subject to a different set of terms and conditions, the Conditions of Issue and Use available at www.ezlink.com.sg, which apply to all EZ-link CEPAS purses. Any stored value in the EZ-Link CEPAS purse may not be transferred to the Mastercard purse. Unless expressly stated otherwise, or the context otherwise requires, any reference in these Terms to stored value or to a wallet, purse, or any other stored value facility shall not include a reference to a EZ-Link CEPAS purse or the stored value therein. 
  11. You agree to notify and update us forthwith if any information or documents provided by you to the Corporate Card Provider or us ceases to be true in any aspect.
  12. Backend reloads may be effected through instructions given by the Corporate Card Provider to us. Reloads, where permitted, may be done by you at EZ-Link’s authorised channels. A fee may be chargeable for each reload.
  13. You must:
    1. ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Corporate Card for any payment transaction before use;
    2. keep a secure record of your Corporate Card number and the date on which your Corporate Card expires;
    3. keep your Corporate Card safe and within your possession. No refunds or replacement shall be entertained for any lost or stolen Corporate Card. If you lose your Corporate Card, please contact us at http://www.fevocard.com.sg/contact-us to enable us to block your Corporate Card from further usage.
    4. sign and activate your Corporate Card as soon as you receive it;
    5. always remember to take your Corporate Card back after using it; and
    6. provide us with all necessary assistance to recover any unauthorised amount paid from your available balance.
  14. You must not:
    1. allow any other person to use your Corporate Card;
    2. give your Corporate Card number and details to any unauthorised person; or
    3. leave your Corporate Card in an unattended wallet, purse or vehicle or anywhere where another person could remove your Corporate Card without being noticed.
  15. If your Corporate Card has expired, you must not continue to use it. If there is any remaining stored value on your Corporate Card when your Corporate Card expires, you shall no longer be entitled to use that remaining stored value.
  16. You shall only be entitled to a refund of the remaining stored value on your Corporate Card after the expiry date stated on your Corporate Card. We shall only be obliged to refund you the remaining stored value, if any, on the Corporate Card under the following conditions:
    1. you duly complete, and submit to us, a refund application form (which may be downloaded from www.fevocard.com);
    2. the refund application form is submitted to us after the expiry date of the Corporate Card, but within 1 month from the expiry date of the Card; and
    3. a refund processing fee shall apply for each refund, and shall be deducted from the remaining stored value on the Corporate Card. We will only be obliged to process a refund if the remaining stored value exceeds the refund processing fee. If there is insufficient stored value to cover the refund processing fee, we will notify you of the unsuccessful refund.

  17. The refund of the remaining stored value will be made available to you within 30 days from the date we receive your duly completed refund application form. The mode of refund shall be determined by us in our sole discretion. The mode of refund will not be by cash under any circumstances. If you do not collect or effect your refund within 50 days from the date the refund is made available, you shall be deemed to have abandoned your claim to the remaining stored value and shall no longer be entitled to the remaining stored value, and we shall have the right to deal with the unclaimed stored value as we deem fit.
  18. If you do not apply for a refund within 1 month from the expiry date of your Corporate Card, you shall be deemed to have abandoned your claim to the remaining stored value and no longer be entitled to the remaining stored value, and we shall have the right to deal with the unclaimed stored value as we deem fit.
  19. Where no payment or financial transactions are made on your Corporate Card for a continuous period of more than 3 months, a dormancy fee shall be charged and deducted from the remaining stored value on your Corporate Card, and
    thereafter for every month for which the Corporate Card remains inactive.
  20. You are not permitted to terminate your Corporate Card account for any reason whatsoever, and you shall not be permitted to any refund in event of any purported termination of your Corporate Card account. We may at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without liability and without disclosing or assigning any reasons to you, in our discretion, suspend or terminate your Corporate Card account by giving you notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we shall have the right to suspend or terminate your Corporate Card account without prior notice and without liability in the following circumstances: (i) in the event of force majeure; (ii) if required by law or any regulation in any jurisdiction; (iii) any fraudulent or criminal action by you in relation to your Corporate Card; (iv) if requested by your Corporate Card Provider; or (v) in any circumstance where, in our discretion, it is not practical or possible to provide such prior notice.
  21. If your Corporate Card is damaged, defaced or lost, you may apply for a replacement Corporate Card from your Corporate Card Provider only. Such application shall be subject to such terms and conditions as your Corporate Card Provider may stipulate, and may include the payment of a replacement fee. Any remaining stored value in your damaged or defaced Corporate Card shall not be refunded to you and may only be transferred to your replacement Corporate Card.
  22. Fees will be charged by EZL for some services, where relevant. Please refer to the charge table at www.fevocard.com. You acknowledge that additional fees may be charged by your Corporate Card Provider.
  23. When you use the Corporate Card outside of Singapore, the Corporate Card transaction shall be charged in the currency of the relevant country where the Corporate Card is used, and converted into Singapore Dollars at such exchange rate at such time as may be determined by Mastercard. The conversion rate applied is based on the posting date of the Corporate Card transaction to your Card account. We shall charge you the converted amount and an administrative fee. Please refer to the charge table at www.fevocard.com.
  24. If you have lost your Corporate Card or your Corporate Card is stolen, you must immediately report such loss or theft to us. You shall, subject to all terms and conditions herein, not be liable to us for any fraudulent transactions using your lost/stolen Corporate Card if such transaction was made after you have duly reported the loss or theft of your Corporate Card.
  25. You may not use your Corporate Card to carry out any illicit or illegal activity under the laws of Singapore or any other jurisdiction. If we have reason to suspect that you are using your Corporate Card to carry out such illicit or illegal activity, we may at our sole and absolute discretion suspend your use of your Corporate Card immediately for such period as we may determine.
  26. We may, at any time, amend any part or the whole of these Terms. We will give notice of any amendment by posting the same at our website at www.fevocard.com. or through such channels as we may determine in our discretion. Any such amendment shall bind you upon notice or on the date which such amendment takes effect as specified in the notice, whichever is earlier. You agree that any notification of amendments as aforementioned shall be sufficient notice for the purpose of this paragraph. Your continued use of the Corporate Card after the date of such notification shall constitute an affirmative acknowledgement by you of the amendments and shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such revised Terms.
  27. Our liability for any loss or damage that you may incur arising from the use of the Card shall not exceed Singapore Dollars S$1,000.00 or the actual loss or damage, whichever is the lower.
  28. No failure or delay on our part in exercising any power, right, or remedy under these Terms shall operate as a waiver of such power, right, or remedy.
  29. A person or entity who is not a party to these Terms shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, chapter 53B of Singapore to enforce any term of these Conditions, regardless of whether such person or entity has been identified by name, as a member of a class or as answering a particular description. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this paragraph shall affect the rights of any permitted assignee or transferee of these Terms.
  30. By providing your personal particulars to us or your Corporate Card Provider, you hereby consent to the collection, use, disclosure and storage of your particulars by us and/or our third-party service providers for the purposes of processing, servicing, transaction-handling, compliance investigation and managing our relationship with you.
  31. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any notices or other communications required or permitted to be given or made to you under these Terms shall be in writing and shall be sufficiently served on you if such notice or other communication is published on our website at www.fevocard.com, delivered personally or sent by registered post to your last known address in our records or by e-mail to your last known e-mail address in our records as provided to us or your Corporate Card Provider under clause 5 of these Terms, or as notified and updated to us under clause 11 of these Terms. Any such notice or other communication shall be deemed to have been duly received by you immediately if published on our website at www.fevocard.com, immediately if delivered by hand or twenty-four hours after posting if delivered by letter.
  32. The construction, validity and performance of these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law. Each party mentioned herein hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.