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FEVO Personalised


This card is all about YOU! With this option, you can personalise your card face with your very own photo.

Whether it's a picture of you jamming with your friends, or that sweet look your pet has when he's sleeping, capture all these special moments on your Personalized FEVO Prepaid MasterCard® Card.

Get a Personalized FEVO Card at S$18

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FEVO Special Edition


Choose from our gallery of special edition thematic cards, featuring EZ-Link SG50 Card Design Art Competition and be the envy on your peers today!

These thematic FEVO Cards are also equipped with an ez-link purse, MasterCard® PayPass™ as well as the EMV smart chip.

Get a special edition FEVO thematic card at S$18

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Card cost is not inclusive of required initial top up value, ranging from $5 to $100.