About FEVO

“Like all magnificent things, it's very simple.”
– Natalie Babbitt


FEVO is a personalisable Prepaid MasterCard® Card that doubles up as an ez-link card. A new frontier in cashless payment, FEVO can be used internationally, including mobile and online transactions – wherever MasterCard is accepted. Enjoy cashless and contactless convenience, MasterCard privileges and ez-link functionality – all in one card. Both purses must be topped up separately.

As a Prepaid MasterCard Card, cash value must be entered into the MasterCard purse before you can use it like a cash card. Payments can be made wherever MasterCard is accepted worldwide, with the regular insert and sign method or the new MasterCard contactless mode for purchases below $100. Unlike regular credit cards, there are no minimum income requirements, credit checks, annual fees, monthly bills or late payment penalty charges.

As a CEPAS enabled ez-link card, cash value must also be entered to FEVO’s ez-link purse before use on local public transport. Payments can be made at EZ-Link merchants island-wide, including Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and Electronic Parking System (EPS) payments.

Special Edition Card

Be spoilt for choice at our special edition card gallery, now featuring reality TV stars from Supermodelme Season 2 and 3.

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M1 Prepaid MasterCard®

The only card that lets you TALK, TAP and PAY.
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Corporate Card

Make FEVO the corporate gift for all occasions. Showcase your brand to potential clients, reward loyal customers or simply give your employees a card for convenience. Card cost and value have been bundled into a corporate package at a special rate for bulk sales.




Make payment using your mobile phone.

NFC is short for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices. With an NFC enabled phone, cashless transactions can be made simply by tapping your phone at retail merchants without the need of an actual card.

NFC FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Card can be used at various merchants that accept payment by MasterCard contactless as indicated by the Contactless logo at payment counters. NFC FEVO can be used at any MasterCard contactless terminal in Singapore or overseas.



FEVO for iOS & Android Phone
  • Top up MasterCard Purse
  • Activate and Register
  • Check remaining balance
  • View transaction history